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dac24 asked: Sensei Gripes, I recently "embraced" (what I hope) is to be my true calling... So now I'm steering my studies into the arts direction. Of course I'm full of insecurities about the whole ordeal, but what gnaws at my insides the most is the feeling of a lack of self style in my drawings... don't know if you get what I mean, but how did you find your own style? What advice can you spare this lost soul...


I still don’t think I have one. People ask me if I’m this guy or that other guy all the time, seeming to imply my art still has lots of generic qualities. Sometimes I even mistake other peoples’ drawings as something I may have drawn years ago and then forgotten about.

But either way it usually comes down to finding a stroke motion or method of working that you like and then just naturally making it more efficient. If you try to artificially create a style, you could just as easily come up with something that looks nice but feels so unnatural that it just becomes a mess. Art styles are like creating a building while you’re standing on it. You keep laying bricks until one day you get off and realize what a nightmare you’ve created. You can try to make a Frank Lloyd Wright while you’re working, but it’ll probably be Frank Lloyd Wrong by the time you think you’ve got it down.

Basically, find small moves and techniques you like and use those as a basis, long term, to develop other motions. If someone says they like some specific look of a drawing, look at it later and try to figure out why it’s interesting, then replicate it. You already drew it once, after all. Most importantly, keep trying new things. You don’t develop if you don’t get out of your comfort zone; you just get more efficient at being bad.

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Create Your Own Walt Disney Animation Studios Film Title

Click to stop the gif! (There is a frame in the third gif intentionally left blank)

There are several ways to play this!

  • [1] [2] [3] e.g. Sleeping Foxes in Wonderland
  • [1] [2] and [2] [3] e.g. The Great Lilos and Beasts of Notre Dame
  • [1] [2] and [1] [2] [3] e.g. The Little Pocahontases and Big Dwarfs 2000
  • [2] [3] e.g. Cinderellas Down Under
  • [2] and [1] [2] e.g. Alices and the Lost Stones
  • etc… Just have fun! Feel free to change a plural to singular if you think it looks/sounds better! e.g. Alice and the Lost Stones

Frozen Peter Pans Down Under, my favourite porno

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African-American actress Danièle Watts claims she was “handcuffed and detained” by police officers from the Studio City Police Department in Los Angeles on Thursday after allegedly being mistaken for a prostitute.

According to accounts by Watts and her husband Brian James Lucas, two police officers mistook the couple for a prostitute and client when they were seen showing affection in public. When the officers asked Watts to produce a photo ID when questioned, she refused. Watts was subsequently handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser while the officers attempted to figure out who she was. The two officers released Watts shortly afterwards.

Watts, who played CoCo in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and currently stars in Martin Lawrence vehicle Partners, posted an account of the incident on her Facebook page:

Watt’s husband Brian Lucas, who is white, claimed that the two were targeted by police for being an interracial couple. In a seperate post on his Facebook page, Lucas said that “from the questions that [police] asked me as D was already on her phone with her dad, I could tell that whoever called on us (including the officers), saw a tatted RAWKer white boy and a hot bootie shorted black girl and thought we were a HO (prostitute) & a TRICK (client).”

An Los Angeles PD public information officer told Variety that “there was no record of the incident as Watts wasn’t arrested or brought into the station for questioning.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. In 2008, a Galveston, Texas couple sued three police officers who arrested and beat their 12-year-old daughter after mistaking her for a prostitute.




In this article there is audio from when the “arrest” happened. You can clearly tell that Watts was being completely unreasonable towards the police officer. The officer did not “mistake her for a prostitute”.
He was called by someone else and, though you guys may not know this, IF A POLICE OFFICER IS CALLED FOR ANY REASON HE IS REQUIRED TO TEND TO THE SITUATION. 
The only thing he did was ask for her ID so he could identify who she was. 
If she hadn’t have shown her ass and had behaved like a proper person, the whole thing could have been dealth with in 5 minutes and he could have been on his way. 


Listen to the audio. It is fucking hilarious!